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    Patients share their birth stories and midwife experiences.

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    Your birth team matters even more when everything goes wrong. Read more...

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    Mom-to-Be Sarah Weir shares her birth story and why Adrienne was the best choice for her family.



"The way we SPEAK about birth influences how we FEEL about birth which makes a big impact on how we ACTUALLY birth." (thevbaclink.com)     This is a beautiful picture we hold near and dear to our hearts. A picture of Adrienne supporting Meghan using a rebozo during her labor with Wilder. What is a rebozo? "Mexican birth cultu...

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national breastfeeding week

Mamas, we know breastfeeding isn't always an easy road. It is this beautiful, yet challenging out of body experience. It can be extremely overwhelming at first. Many new moms feel confused and unsure as they learn to breastfeed. Many moms end up frustrated and despondent as they struggle and wrestle with it. Once you know that other women experience the ups and downs of ...

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baby brady

Introducing baby Brady! Brady’s amazing mama is usually behind the scenes at births. A creative, sought-after birth photographer, Kathryn Johnson captures the unique experiences of laboring mothers, and beautiful births.  On May 5th it was Kathryn’s turn to be on the other side of the camera as she labored, supported by her husband, Kevin ...

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a peaceful waterbirth

We are excited to reflect back on one of the beautiful birth stories from the past couple of months - we've been busy! Beautiful baby Cecilia made her debut the afternoon of March 13th at 12:25pm. Her amazingly strong mama, Angela, labored peacefully and powerfully in the birth tub supported by her husband, Gary, who never left her side. It was so awesome witnessing Ange...

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your birth team matters when everything goes wrong

I had a birth plan long before I ever became pregnant. I would have an unmedicated waterbirth in the hospital. I did everything I could to insure that I would get it. I practiced my spinning babies, I had an amazing chiropractor, an amazing doula, an amazing midwife, and I studied an amazing childbirth course. I felt that I was as prepared as a first time mother could be. ...

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savoring each moment: allegras story

I walked into Adrienne’s office for the first time at 33 weeks pregnant with a breach baby and a lot of questions on my mind. I’d recently learned that the doctor I’d been seeing had an alarmingly high c-section rate. Furthermore, that doctor had little to offer by way of strategies to turn a breach baby so my googling led me to Bree Katz at Uprise Chiropra...

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an empowered water birth story

I found Adrienne through a referral from my previous midwife, Kathleen Donaldson, in Fort Worth. My family moved to Richardson in 2017 and I needed to find a midwife closer to me and Adrienne is who Kathleen suggested I meet. Once I began my prenatal visits with Adrienne, I knew I had the perfect birth team. My husband and I had planned a natural hospital birth for my first ...

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experiencing birth her own way

 Tended to - not managed - with a place for everyone at the birthing table. That was the vision Emily Portis had for her natural birth experience with her son. To get there, she enlisted the help of Adrienne to achieve a personalized care plan.  "I wanted someone to care for me who understood my need for expert support and watchful waiting in a safe enviro...

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the ideal midwife for me

Mom-to-be Sarah Weir was 35 weeks into her third pregnancy when she and her husband relocated from Houston to Dallas. The move meant to saying goodbye to the hospital-based midwife group in Houston that had supported her up to that point. But once in Dallas, Sarah was relieved to find a smiliar model of care with Adrienne. "From our first meeting, Adrienne was welco...

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laboring differently the second time around

When I became pregnant with my second baby at age 36, I knew I wanted a different experience than what I had with my firstborn. I couldn't quite put it into words but the first time around, I had been with a large OB/GYN practice in the area and almost had to deliver via c-section because of so many interventions in my labor. For my second pregnancy, I knew I wanted to w...

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