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savoring each moment: allegras story

I walked into Adrienne’s office for the first time at 33 weeks pregnant with a breach baby and a lot of questions on my mind. I’d recently learned that the doctor I’d been seeing had an alarmingly high c-section rate. Furthermore, that doctor had little to offer by way of strategies to turn a breach baby so my googling led me to Bree Katz at Uprise Chiropractic. After listening to my hopes for my birth, Bree urged me to meet Adrienne. It didn’t take much convincing- the midwife model of care in a hospital setting offers the best of all worlds in my mind.

From our very first meeting, it was clear that my experience as a patient of Modern Midwifery would be so different from my care up to that point. I was used to 5 minute visits with the doctor. Adrienne and I routinely spent 20-40 minutes talking at our appointments, time that gave me the space to share my fears about my baby’s breech position and anxiety from my first birth. Adrienne listened warmly and talked through various birth scenarios. I was comforted by her extensive experience as well as her confidence in the MDs with whom she partners should I end up needing a c-section. I was fortunate that our little guy turned around 36 weeks, allowing me to proceed with a low-intervention birth plan. I hoped to be able to start labor naturally and progress with the support of my husband and fantastic doula Dana Cluff. I’d been induced at 42 weeks with our first baby, so even being able to accomplish that first piece felt like a big “if.” In addition to my team of partner, doula and midwife, I ordered a beautiful illustrated deck of birth mantras/affirmations, rented an inflatable birth tub and listened to countless birth stories on the Birth Hour. My confidence in and comfort with Adrienne softened my fears and allowed me to savor and enjoy my preparations for birth. I loved knowing that my midwife would be at my birth. I loved having the cell phone numbers of everyone on my team!

I went into labor a few days after my due date and progressed in a pretty textbook fashion: low-key cramps woke me up the night before our son was born. I stayed home from work that morning and took a bath with our toddler son, savoring that sweet time before he became a big brother and wondering what the day would bring. By the time evening rolled around, our doula Dana had arrived at our home and was providing counter pressure on my hips and sifting with a rebozo. At Dana’s suggestion, we headed to the hospital around 7pm. Adrienne met us in her office, checked dialation and worked with Dana to suggest various labor positions to progress my labor. The most challenging of these was a forearm inversion intended to better position baby’s head in my pelvis. I did inversions maybe 10 times during contractions and would never have even considered this without my trusted team. I remember thinking some combination of “this is insane” and “I am so strong” many times that night. As I approached transition, Adrienne walked me up to Labor and Delivery where we sped through intake and quickly got settled in my room. At this point, my memory starts to blur. I remember Dana and Adrienne holding essential oils up to my nose to quell my nausea. I remember my husband returning from the hospital vending machine with a Twix bar and offering me water again and again through contractions that seemed so strong to me that each one erased the memory of the one that came before it. I remember asking for an epidural around midnight and draping myself over the nurse as the anesthesiologist placed it. Soon after that, I was fully dialated and bringing our baby boy, Ignatius, into the world.

Throughout my labor, I felt as though my experience – my effort, discomfort, fear, strength - was seen by everyone in the room. Because of the care and patience Adrienne took during my birth, my recovery has been wonderful, and I've truly been able to enjoy my maternity leave with my family. I am so grateful to Modern Midwifery and I plan to continue to see Adrienne for well woman visits.