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    "I have an immense amount of gratitude for the team I had surrounding me"

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"The way we SPEAK about birth influences how we FEEL about birth which makes a big impact on how we ACTUALLY birth." (thevbaclink.com)



This is a beautiful picture we hold near and dear to our hearts. A picture of Adrienne supporting Meghan using a rebozo during her labor with Wilder.

What is a rebozo?

"Mexican birth culture has a long tradition of using the rebozo before, during and after birth. There are regional differences in the color, texture and pattern of the rebozo but it's a beautiful, long, woven piece of fabric that can also be used for caring infants after the birth. Rebozo can be used in many different ways during labor but one of the most common is to use to use it on the birthing person's hips to help move the hips or sway them from side to side a little bit. These movements have been described as pelvic massage, rocking or jiggling. The support person typically uses the rebozo while the birthing person is on hands-and-knees, lying down or standing. The Rebozo is thought to be helpful for correcting fetal positioning, relieving labor pain, and contributing to a more casual, relaxed atmosphere in the birth experience." (via Evidence Based Birth)