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an empowered water birth story

I found Adrienne through a referral from my previous midwife, Kathleen Donaldson, in Fort Worth. My family moved to Richardson in 2017 and I needed to find a midwife closer to me and Adrienne is who Kathleen suggested I meet. Once I began my prenatal visits with Adrienne, I knew I had the perfect birth team. My husband and I had planned a natural hospital birth for my first pregnancy, but due to a surprise induction at 37 weeks for preeclampsia, our plans went out the window. The birth of my son, Duke, was traumatic for me but it’s important to note that it played a major role in the way I approached this second pregnancy, both mentally and physically. Adrienne knew of my history of postpartum anxiety following the birth of my son and we talked about it at every appointment. She made sure I knew she was there for me and that we were doing everything to keep me and my baby girl safe.

We planned again for a natural hospital delivery in the water. During this pregnancy I stayed active and remained mindful of the Spinning Babies exercises suggested by both Adrienne and my doula. I went to a checkup with Adrienne at 38 weeks 5 days. I’d been having what I call “false starts” of labor for a couple of weeks. That evening, after we put my son to bed, I went to lay down because my back pain was still coming and going. Later in the evening, my water broke. I was group B-strep positive so Adrienne suggested I use the breast pump for 30 minutes to kick up my contractions and then head to the hospital for my antibiotics. After a long night of contractions they began to space out so I attempted to rest. At 8:30 in the morning I expressed to Adrienne that I felt discouraged and tired. She talked me through a few options, ranging from trying a breast pump again to starting Pitocin. Ultimately, I decided to take the plunge with Pitocin after Adrienne assured me, we could turn if off once my body took over. Around 10 am, I was finally having to really concentrate through contractions and focus quietly between them. It was while sitting backwards on the toilet that I began to really vocalize through each contraction and I soon hit transition. Adrienne asked if I was ready to get into the tub to which I answered, yes!

I went through a few more contractions in the tub and suddenly my body began to push. Adrienne assured me this was good and to listen to my body. I became afraid to push through the pain and I started to panic because it hurt so much. Adrienne had me look her in the eyes and told me that, yes it hurts, but reassured me that I was doing beautifully and if I would allow my body to push through the pain my baby would be here. So, after 2 more contractions and pushes, I felt Ava’s head come out followed by her body. “Reach down and grab your baby!” are the words I heard Adrienne tell me. So I did and WOW, all of a sudden I was pulling her up onto my chest and all the fear and pain I’d just experienced was literally gone. All I could feel was elation and amazement at what I’d just done. Pure bliss.

All women deserve the midwifery model of care. It truly made me feel important and empowered as a woman, not like just another pregnant lady. Even though I don’t plan to have more babies at this time I will continue my well-woman care with Adrienne because the care she provides is something special.