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    Modern Midwifery can care for a woman at any stage of life, from adolescence, to after menopause. 

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    Midwives are trained to help you establish and maintain wellness through health promotion and preventative care. 


the midwifery model of care

The midwifery model of care is first and foremost client-centered. At Modern Midwifery, we have developed a holistic program enabling women to have the birth center style of care combined with the security of a hospital setting. Through education, evidence-based practices, and shared decision making, we give women and their families the opportunity and tools they need to enhance their wellness. We engage our clients in ways that encourage active participation in their care. This empowering approach helps clients become more invested and leads to increased satisfaction with their overall care, experience, health and well-being. 


why choose a midwife?

In the spirit of becoming life-long partners with our clients, we provide appointment times that are longer than traditional care appointments. The additional time spent with you allows for education, ensuring all questions are answered, and provides ample opportunity for you to bond with us. We love learning about you and your family and we want you to feel secure as you explore any new emotions, fears, or concerns that may arise as you navigate each phase of your life. Respecting the normalcy of pregnancy, labor and birth are a priority at Modern Midwifery. Except in situations that require medical intervention, we prefer managing your care with watchful waiting. Honoring the birth process by using positioning, movement, and natural methods to encourage labor if needed, are hallmarks of the classic midwifery care we offer. Should your pregnancy become high risk, we have an exceptional team of physician colleagues who provide collaborative care. If you need an assisted vaginal or cesarean delivery, the physician joins your team of caregivers. You will never lose your midwife as your provider.

well-woman care

Whether you are a young woman coming in for your first well-woman visit, a woman seeking gynecologic care in between babies, or a woman past her childbearing years, Modern Midwifery welcomes you. We will tailor a comprehensive, personalized plan that respects your values, needs, and desires.

preconception care

If you are thinking about having a baby, now is the perfect time to schedule a visit with one of our midwives. We value the opportunity to help you achieve optimal health in pregnancy starting at your preconception visit. We look forward to supporting you and your partner as you prepare for pregnancy.

prenatal care

As your midwives we look forward to your prenatal visits just as much as you do. We enjoy the time spent together as we prepare for your birth. Prenatal care is provided on the same schedule as most obstetrical practices. In the first and second trimester you will be seen every four to six weeks. At 28 weeks, we will begin seeing you every 2-3 weeks until you reach 36 weeks. At this point you will be seen weekly.

labor + birth

Birth has the potential to be a transformational experience for the family and our goal at Modern Midwifery is to maximize that potential. We welcome your family members, friends and other support people at your birth. When you are in labor, you will be greeted by your midwife and have the option of utilizing the early labor room in the office prior to hospital admission. Once admitted, we encourage you to make your room your space and invite you to bring music, a diffuser or anything else that promotes relaxation. You will have the freedom to labor and birth in the position that makes you most comfortable while utilizing the pain management techniques or options you desire. 

postpartum care

Recognizing that skin-to-skin time with your baby is of the utmost importance, we honor the Golden Hour. Immediate bonding as a family and time to initiate breastfeeding are top priorities. In the hospital, your midwife will visit with you to reflect upon your birth and answer any questions you may have. After discharge, we look forward to seeing you and your baby back in the office at 2 and 6 weeks postpartum. Every mother is encouraged to have a 12-16 week follow-up visit. This provides the opportunity to chat about how you are balancing life and managing the transition back to work. We also use this time to evaluate your sexual health and the physical changes that accompany pregnancy and birth.