• labor and birth

    Experience the midwifery model of care in a hospital setting.

  • birth plans

    When selecting a midwife as your birth partner, know that you will receive special expertise to support you in your journey through a healthy pregnancy and birth. 

  • birth process

    Classic midwifery care will respect the birth process through positioning, movement and natural methods to encourage labor.



birthing with us

Modern Midwifery attends births at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas. In addition to natural childbirth support, we also serve clients who desire the use of a range of pain relief options including hydrotherapy, nitrous oxide, IV medication, and epidural. 

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what types of births are available?

Women who birth with the midwives at Modern Midwifery may choose to have an unmedicated or medicated birth. For women choosing to birth without an epidural, we offer both land and waterbirth. Women with a history of cesarean section, who do not desire or are not candidates for VBAC, may choose to have their prenatal care and a repeat cesarean section with the midwives, in collaboration with one of our physician colleagues.

hydrotherapy and waterbirth

Modern Midwifery is excited to partner with Buoyant Birth to offer hydrotherapy and waterbirth for our clients. Promoting a normal, nonintervention driven birth, warm water immersion during childbirth may result in the reduced need for pain medication and greater client satisfaction. Benefits and risks will be thoroughly discussed during your prenatal visits. Our midwives are proud to be the only trained providers offering in-hospital water birth on the east side of the metroplex.


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what happens if the pregnancy becomes high-risk?

Midwives are trained to identify deviations from normal during pregnancy and birth. Ongoing assessment ensures that you and your baby are healthy and well cared for. In the event a situation exceeds our scope of practice, we will partner with our physician colleagues to provide safe and compassionate care.